510 West Hastings St. (between Seymour and Richards St) in suite 527

Buzz #0527 for evening and weekend access

We're directly across the street from Harbour Centre and are close to Waterfront Station

Hours: 9am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday


Call Peter at 604.689.1911 to book your scan or use our online booking system.







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Body composition scans using DXA technology

Bodycomp offers the gold standard in body composition tests. Our scan and interpretation provide you with:

  • whole body percent fat (less than 1.5% error)

  • the weight of your lean, fat and bone tissue in your arms, legs and torso

  • analysis of your fat distribution and any relevent health risks

  • whole body bone density measurement

  • your personal caloric requirements based upon your lean tissue mass


Bone density scanning services

  • a high precision scan of of the spine and hip

  • provides the clinical standard in bone density assessment

  • includes interpretation from a certified technologist and nutritional and fitness coaching to help improve your bone density without drugs

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Gift certificate

Bodycomp 4-packs are available in the office and can be purchased at the time of payment.