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Richmond Olympic Oval Bookings

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Feel free to use our system to book your next appointment with us at Bodycomp Imaging.

Note: This location does not have NeuroCatch® services.

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Please make sure that you receive a confirmation email after confirming the final step. If you don't get a booking confirmation, something went wrong and I won't have any record of the attempt. If there's any doubt, please email or call to confirm.

Scan preparation

1Eat and drink normally before your scan. Avoid booking a scan for when you will likely be dehydrated or immediately after a high output athletic event.

2Bring or wear metal free clothing for the scan. We can also provide hospital scrubs. Please remove metal jewelry if possible. If you have any metal implants please inform the technologist.

3Avoid taking calcium supplements on the day of the your exam. If you have had contrast material from a medical imaging study, please wait two weeks for a Bodycomp scan.